Bioterme Mala Nedelja - in the middle of nature

3 km from your accommodation

A special feature of Bioterme

Is this Thermal mineral water, the source of which can be found through two holes in the depth of
2273 m and 1537 m respectively. The water is pure, without additives, high quality, hyperthermal, warm and rich in sodium, potassium and hydrogen carbonate. Because of its balneologica properties, it is suitable for recreational athletes and Professional athletes, as well as suitable for medical purposes, as it is beneficial the maintenance of the musculoskeletal system and the spine.


chronic degenerative changes in the spine and joints

chronic rheumatic changes and stiff joints

as continued physiotherapy in the case of insufficient spa treatment
Relex dystrophy and slackness of muscles

reventive exercises of the spine and joints, as well

Physiotherapy to prevent osteoporosis Relaxtion after underwater massages

The healing ones Effects of water are made in the resolution of the proclamation of a natural

Medicinal products of the Slovenian Ministry of Health No. 1612-9/ 2009/13 defined an confirmend

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